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Chocolate Mint Pixies

There are only two things that I find necessary to bake (and/or consume) each holiday season: 1. Mexican wedding cake cookies and 2. some sort of combination of chocolate and peppermint. This year, I took one of my mom’s classic recipes for chocolate pixies and added a little peppermint in order to get my fix. [...]
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Grasshopper Bars

Grasshoppers and Sassafras. Sounds sort of funny taken out of context. But grasshoppers, the sweet chocolate and peppermint bars, are a Christmas tradition in my family. They’ve been a favorite probably because they’re sort of like having a rich Thin Mint brownie. I even took them to a work party and one of my friends [...]
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Peppermint Marshmallows

Marshmallows have been one of those foods that just happen, like red hots or licorice. I never really considered how marshmallows were made or where they came from. Maybe they grew on sugar trees or dropped out of the sky in their puffy, cylinder shape. They always just showed up in the baking aisle at [...]
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