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Peach (or Apple) Sour Cream Puff

I know that it’s almost over, those last days of peaches are upon us. I will be quite sad to see them go, so I’ve made this dessert a few times to savor their goodness. This dessert is pretty great for a dinner with friends because it’s a less expected choice with all the fall [...]
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Caramel Apple Nut Rolls

Every time I start writing a post, I find myself expressing a deep love for the food I am writing about, almost like every food is my favorite. I love ice cream. I love cookies. I love blackberries. And I am especially fond of cinnamon rolls. On Saturdays, when I am up early and [...]
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Apple Pandowdy

My grandfather was a farmer before he retired. Of course, that means he has a large garden now and quite the green thumb. Which also means I get to enjoy the spoils, such as fresh rhubarb in the summer and an abundance of apples right now. As we have more than we can eat, I [...]
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