Shared Sugar is our baking story. Two friends, inspired by baking, who love the art and love sharing it with others. We’re baking rookies, obsessed with making delicious food from scratch, using quality ingredients. Although we try to use local, seasonal, organic and more nutritious ingredients when possible, we’re not afraid of butter. No professionals here. In fact, a mistake in the process means a bowl full of ready-to-eat batter. We bake because we like it, but we also like to share it. It is an expression of love towards people in our lives. And of course sweets make us happy too. So we keep baking.

Meet Mara-Loves estate sales, running, Macs, Radiohead, a well-made German Chocolate Cake, oh and long walks on the beach, of course. Mara is an art director/designer working in the food advertising industry and has spent a few of her years looking over the shoulders of photographers and picking up tips from food stylists.

Say hi to Kesha-Loves blooming flowers, Goldendoodles, Florence + the Machine and a muddy mountain bike ride. Kesha has spent her career in the food industry as well, currently working in food marketing. She is inspired by the bean to bar chocolate maker, Askinosie Chocolate.

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