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Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Blueberries in October. Hmmm. Lately I’ve been really trying to keep things seasonal and local as much as possible, especially after seeing Food, Inc. However, some things just can’t be helped. The things you do in the name of love. I was forced to break out the blueberries that I had frozen this summer [...]
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Pecan Squares

It’s pecan season. There is something about pecans that people just love, especially my family. Pecans are around for each holiday. Even if we request a chocolate pie or a cheesecake, a pecan pie always turns up right along side the other desserts. Growing up, I didn’t care much for pecans so when my [...]
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Apple Pandowdy

My grandfather was a farmer before he retired. Of course, that means he has a large garden now and quite the green thumb. Which also means I get to enjoy the spoils, such as fresh rhubarb in the summer and an abundance of apples right now. As we have more than we can eat, I [...]
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Icebox Towers

The blog is finally ready to don our food handiwork (thanks to great design and programming work by Mara). My life seems especially busy right now but somehow baking always seems to rein supreme on my list of priorities. Or maybe I feel busy because I am baking to procrastinate the things that I actually should [...]
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